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The basic conference schedule can be found here.   Conference participants will also receive a printed copy of this schedule with their registration materials.  A more detailed version of this schedule can be found here.   Important features to note:
Causal Inference Challenge:
We will be holding a causal inference data analysis competition!!!  Details are available here. Update: conference poster with results available here.
Lightning talks:  
There will be two sessions of lightning talks.  Lightning talks are short talks (generally 3-5 minutes -- the length will be determined by the number of participants) used to highlight the most interesting features or findings of your current research.  These talks can advertise your work, give you an opening for a discussion with someone later in the meeting, or even open the door to a new collaboration.  The May 26 talks will focus on new researchers (students or < 5 years post-PhD); to participate please visit this site.  The May 27 talks will be open to all conference participants; to participate please visit this site. ***Lightning talks will be used to determine next year's Tom Ten Have awardees!***
Short courses:
Five short courses will be offered across May 25th-27th.  These courses are offered free of charge but you must reserve a spot and space is limited.  The topics and instructors are listed here.  Short courses will be held in Kimball Hall, 246 Greene Street, 3rd Floor Conference Room. Please note that the last short course on Sensitivity Analysis will be held in Kimmel, Room 912. 
Click on a course title to access more information about each course and register:


Principal Stratification:

Fabrizia Mealli (University of Florence)

Wednesday May 25th


Causal inference for observational studies with multilevel data:

Luke Keele (Georgetown) & Sam Pimentel (Wharton)

Wednesday May 25th


Causal Inference with Error-Prone Covariates:

J.R. Lockwood (ETS) & Daniel F. McCaffrey (ETS)

Thursday May 26th


Design Based Inference for Experimental and Observational Research Design:

Cyrus Samii (NYU), Joel Middleton (U.C. Berkeley), & Peter Aronow (Yale)

Friday May 27th


Sensitivity Analysis:

Joseph Hogan (Brown University) & Dylan Small (Wharton, U. Pennsylvania)

Friday May 27th










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